Conferences Across the Globe

Since I am Translating the Globe, here’s a list of conferences and other events for language lovers – on translation, editing, literature and linguistics (and sometimes other fields that interest me). I will update this calendar regularly, so check back every once in a while to see what’s going on across the globe.

Information on this page will be in English, and events with an open call for papers are marked √. Events of general interest are marked ♥.

Given the nature of my blog, I will focus on events and conferences around the world, but will also include important events here in Israel. For a comprehensive list of cultural, literary, language and translation events to be held in Israel in the coming month, visit Edna Abramson’s outstanding events calendar at Literary Republic (in Hebrew).

It goes without saying that I can’t possible stay on top of everything worldwide. So, if you have heard of an interesting and relevant event, or if you want me to add your conference or event, please contact me and let me know.

MAY 2014

BP14 / May 2-3 / Budapest, Hungary

Evento regional da em Porto, Portugal: "Ferramentas e Estratégias" / May 24 / Porto, Portugal

JUNE 2014

Travel & Tourism / June 5-7 / Istanbul, Turkey

2014 International Conference / June 28-29 / Pisa, Italy

JULY 2014

50 Years that Changed the World: Translation in the 1st Half of the 20th Century / July 10-11 / Lisbon,  Portugal 

GBTA 2014 – Global Business Travel Magazine / July 26-30 / LA, California


20th World Congress of the International Federation of Translators / Aug 4-6 / Berlin, Germany




TBEX Europe: The Future of Travel / Oct 23-25 / Athens, Greece


Languages and the Media / Nov 5-7 / Berlin, Germany

55th ATA Annual Conference / Nov 5-8 / Chicago, Illinois


International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture, and Education (ICLLCE) / Dec 16-17 / London, UK 





MARCH 2015


APRIL 2015

ITI Conference 2015 / April 23-25 / Newcastle, UK 

MAY 2015



9 מחשבות על “Conferences Across the Globe

  1. היי אינגה,
    אם מעניין אז בתאריכים 20 – 23 במאי יערך ברומא הכנס הראשון של ProZ לכבוד 10 שנות פעילות.

    פורסם ע"י לאה | 31 בינואר 2011, 23:35
  2. וישנו גם הכנס של אגודת המתרגמים השוויצרית "אוניברסיטת קיץ בתרגום פיננסי" (קישור לקוראי צרפתית: בימים 6-8 ביולי.

    אם מישהו משתתף – אנא צרו קשר אתי (

    פורסם ע"י יקיר לביא | 23 ביוני 2011, 17:16
  3. אם את רוצה להגיע עד יוני, כנס הדגל של עולם התרגום: Critical Link 7 בטורונטו.

    פורסם ע"י נרי סבנייה | 25 בספטמבר 2012, 11:40

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